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Lately I have a lot of titles these days but Mom is my favorite. My two sassy blue eyed curly haired girls are my world but I can’t wait to adopt our future sons through foster care. Daily I’m making women feel more confident as the owner of BEYOND BEAUTI BAR in Salt Lake City. As a licensed Realtor I love helping people find their dream home. Studying as a pre med student at the University of Utah can be overly structured so this is my creative outlet and space to share what I love!

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I have been waiting my whole life to share this before and after with you all! This month marks a YEAR since I had leg reconstruction surgery with  Dr. Mark Bowen Taylor at Gateway Laser Center in Salt Lake

How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Utah

After sharing my personal experience of getting my medical marijuana card and how it’s helped me on my Instagram 

This is 26!

This is it. My 26th year. I remember being 16 and graduating high school early and feeling like I was so ahead of the game because I was 16 and in college. Then my Dad said to me. 

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Everyone says throwing a big birthday party for your child’s first birthday is really just throwing a party for yourself, and ya know what, they’re right!

The GOLDen rule!

Our Goldy girl is 11 months! Well, 11 months and a week, but who’s counting? I considered skipping this month because I was a week


This post is a reality check for those of you who see the moms who “bounce back” six weeks after having their baby and think it’s that easy.